We develop fast, stable and low cost web softwares using Haskell.

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About Romefeller

focus in agility and low cost software design and tutoring

The Romefeller IT Solutions was born in 2015, we offer web software using functional programming to provide a stable, robust and low cost software.

Our company is composed by professionals with academic background.

We believe in our workforce and in the functional programming paradigm to reduce the costs and increase the speed of software development.

We develop web softwares mostly in Haskell and Yesod Web Framework.


Treinamento de Haskell e Yesod Haskell + Yesod

Treinamento de JavaScript Funcional JavaScript Funcional

Treinamento de HTML 5 HTML 5

Treinamento de CSS3 CSS3

Treinamento de F# - Microsoft F# - Microsoft

Outros treinamentos Outros

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